As fall and winter in the U.S. nears it is critical for flight operations personnel to review the techniques for preventing ground and airborne icing from having an adverse and potentially dangerous impact on your flight operations. There are many prudent steps operators can take to mitigate the effects of aircraft icing in day-to-day operations.  Dr. Van Zante will present aircraft de/anti-icing best practices as presented by NASA in development with regulatory agencies, pilot trade organizations and operators and review and refresh cold-weather operating procedures, using factual data and actual scenarios, to ensure your flight personnel are prepared to deal with these conditions.
Seminar Information
Date Presented:
September 09, 2010 2:00 PM Eastern
1 hour
Icing and Winter Operations: Review the Essentials

Topics include:
•         Ground Icing Risks
•         Ice protection systems, de-icing & anti-icing
•         Removal and Contamination factors
•         Effects of ice on both the performance degradation and handling           qualities
•         Review of actual scenarios
•         In-flight Icing
•         Engine-Ice Crystal Icing

Speaker Information
Dr. Judith F. Van Zante   [ view bio ]
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